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What Helped Me During My Dark Days with Crohn’s Disease by Brian Greenberg

I’ve continued to think about how IBD awareness is different for everyone more and more since the end of IBD Awareness Week.  While looking back on my journey with IBD, I began to reflect on what allowed me to take back my life from Crohn’s disease in so many ways and … Read More

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Bob Baker Never Stays Quiet About His Ulcerative Colitis and Ostomy

Bob Baker is a true inspiration.  He’s battled ulcerative colitis for years, lives with an ostomy and also is a cancer survivor. Here is just a portion of his story, which he shared with the Intense Intestines Foundation for our Never Stay Quiet campaign. Never Stay Quiet! To help others with … Read More

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10 Commonly Asked Questions Before And After Ostomy Surgery

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions before or after ostomy surgery.  Please remember to ask your doctor, surgeon or WOCN nurse about any topics that might be a concern of yours.  Having confidence in your surgery and knowing whats ahead of you will make the recovery and adjustment much easier. … Read More

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Overcoming 25+ Surgeries With A Smile

As many of you know I have had a wild ride with Crohn’s disease.  You can easily say that I have a case that is towards the severe end of the spectrum.  In the 18 years that I’ve had Crohn’s, I have had over 25 surgeries for various complications that Crohn’s … Read More

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