Intense Intestines Scholarship

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We are NO LONGER taking applications for the Fall 2017 semester as we have reached the 50 application limit on Tuesday, March 20th at 4:04pm.

We will be accepting application again for the Winter 2018 semester in May. Please check back to this page for more information.

There will be a link below that will go live for the Fall 2017 in March 2017. Please remember that each applicant is REQUIRED to provide one personal and one professional letter of recommendation with the online application.

If you apply and do not provide these letters, you’ll be taking another IBD patients spot for the scholarship. 

This scholarship is designed to help those with moderate to severe Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis achieve the higher education they desire.  Earning a degree is not an easy process and takes time.  At the IIF, we understand that an IBD patient can have many setbacks over a four year span to earn their degree.  We want to help with the extra time it may take an IBD student to receive their degree or certification.  This is why we are offering the Intense Intestines Scholarship.  Our goal is to help with the rising costs of obtaining a higher education, while living with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis or an ostomy.

To donate and help us continue to give the scholarship to those in need, please click the link below.

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Moderate to severe Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis can commonly cause a student to:

  • Miss classes due to illness
  • Skip entire semesters
  • Withdraw from classes
  • Take in-completes
  • Be forced to take a part time class schedule instead of full time

We are seeking applicants who have had setbacks due to their Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, and have demonstrated a willingness to succeed.  Applicants should show strong moral values at home and in their community.  All applications will be reviewed in person by the IIF Board of Directors, and we will choose the candidates we feel best exhibits the values that the IIF stands for.  Please read the following requirements and complete the attached application.

  1. Be entering freshman year of college- age 26; seeking an associates, undergraduate, or graduate degree. Applicant may be currently enrolled in a program or trade school seeking license or certification.
  2. Be diagnosed, by a physician or specialist, with moderate to severe IBD, Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis
  3. A Legal US citizen, or be able to provide documented proof of ability to study in the US.
  4. Have had a GPA of 2.5 in high school, or college if currently enrolled.

Below there will be a link with our application for the Intense Intestines Scholarship.

Please fill out all areas, as none are optional.

Two letters of recommendation are also required for all applicants; one personal and one professional.  Letters are to be sent as a PDF file with the application or sent to Without both letters your application WILL NOT be considered.

Important Information ALL Applicants Should Read:


We will not be accepting any applications via email.

We will not be accepting any application via regular mail.

You must fill out the application below with our online application.

You must include two letters of recommendation; one professional and one personal.  If you do not submit two letters of recommendation, your application will not be accepted.

We will ONLY be accepting PDF formatted letters.

Personal Letter of Recommendation – Family acquaintances or school teachers

Professional Letter of Recommendation – Work managers or professionals

We will only be accepting the first 50 applicants, at this time.  After we have reached 50 applicants, the application link will automatically shut off.

Please do not send any applications to our address or email as they will not be accepted.

Please note that you can NOT apply for the Intense Intestines Scholarship and Intense Intestines IBDebt program. If you do, your applications for both will be voided.

IMPORTANT Scholarship Schedule AND Notes:

3/15/17 Accepting Applications – Wednesday, March 15th

5/1/17 Closing Applications – When we hit the 50 application maximum or Monday, May 1st.

Letters of Recommendation – Must be attached to the online application.

(Sorry for the change in policy but we have too many students applying and taking crucial spots of other applicants without submitting the proper letters of recommendation)

WE WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTING PDF FORMATTED LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION. Please do NOT mail any letters of recommendation to to our PO Box. 

6/30/17 Five Finalists – The top 5 finalists selected by the IIF Scholarship Committee will be announced Friday. June 30th..

They will be asked to create a 2 minute video to be submitted via Youtube by Monday, July 17th.. 

8/11/17 Two Scholarship Recipients – The two Intense Intestines Scholarship recipients will be notified on Friday, August 11th.

Intense Intestines Scholarship Application

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