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8 Ways To Possibly Limit Anxiety When Eating Out

It’s natural to develop anxiety in a variety of situations with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. You begin to have natural questions that begin with “What if…” and in a short amount of time, that list can grow so much that you end up staying home to avoid difficulties. The problem … Read More

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Mental Health Matters by Alison Rothbaum

I grew up in the days of mental health being taboo. I didn’t want to take any antidepressants or see any type of psychiatrist because I equated that to people that were nuts. I thought I’d be thrown more medications to take and appointments to attend. I imagined I’d be laying … Read More

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YOLO and FOMO Make a Powerful Combination with IBD

Do you ever get emotional when IBD keeps you from doing something? I have – and still do for that matter. There are times when Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis can feel like it has completely taken over my life. Constant trips to the bathroom, cramping, pain, bleeding, emotions take a … Read More

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Total IBD Health (Recipes): Beef Stew by Jeffrey Levine

During the winter when it is freezing out I want something that is satisfying and will warm me up. What better meal is there to warm up a person than beef stew. The cold will be around for a while so why wait. Now when I make this dish, I don’t … Read More

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Total IBD Health (Activity & Exercise): Being a Triathlete by Jim Carrick

Being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at the age of 8 and bleeding from the backside every other meal was not normal as a youngster. As I grew, I found that exercise made me not just stronger but help maintain my body and mind. For the longest time I was the string … Read More

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Total IBD Health (Other): Caregiving with a Nutritional Port by Patricia Cacioppo

When my son, Tyler now 15, was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease back in 2005 I had no idea what I was doing and how I was going to help him through this journey that has been nothing short of a rollercoaster.  I hope by sharing our story will help make your … Read More

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Total IBD Health (Diet): Gluten Free Diet and IBD by Jeffrey Levine

  This is my first post for IIF. For anyone that doesn’t know me, my name is Jeffrey and I have Crohn’s Disease since the mid 1980’s. All my life I never thought about my disease and went on living life like nothing is happening to my body. About 3-4 years … Read More

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Total IBD Health (Activity & Exercise): Working Out and IBD by Brian Greenberg

I’m starting this blog post off with some great news: I FEEL BETTER THAN I HAVE IN YEARS! It’s been a long time since I felt this well and had this much energy. Every day I experience the almost foreign feeling of waking up without fear of pain. My world has … Read More

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