Fundraising for the IIF

You can fundraise for the Intense Intestines Foundation in any event or for any activity you would like.  It takes just minutes to set up a page to benefit the IIF.  Just click the link below and then select “Fundraise for this cause”.  In minutes your fundraising page will be up and running.

Fundraising for the Intense Intestines Foundation.

When you first see your fundraising goal it might seem like an impossible number to reach and intimidating.  Don’t let this keep you from joining the IIF team and being part of the IBD community.  Helping people can be extremely fulfilling and we are here to help you reach your fundraising goal.   There are many techniques that can be used to reach your goal and the amount of people that will help will surprise you.

Below you will find a few quick tips in order to help you reach your fundraising goal.  Before we get into all the tips, we have to first address one quick mindset that many people have when it comes to fundraising for a cause, remember you aren’t asking people for their money, you are asking them to support the cause and helping people with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and ostomies.

Tell your personal story.

When beginning your fundraising it’s important to share your story and how IBD has affected you.  By sharing your story you’ll be creating awareness not only for your fundraising but also for IBD.  You are letting your friends, family and others know that you are involved in this for a great reason and that you are passionate about helping others.  Tell your story, be open and honest on your fundraising page.  Explain how IBD has affected your life, how you want to overcome it and be more part of the community.  Include stats, statistics and other information that you feel is important about Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Set your goals and be honest about them.

Setting a goal will give you something to aspire too.  Let everyone know that there is a reason you set this goal and your ambition to reach it.  They’ll be more likely to donate if they see how passionate you are to have the thermometer on your page fill up.  Keep people up to date on how you are doing and how much you have to go to reach your goal.  This way they know how much they need to contribute to help you get to the finish line.

Reminders are key.

As the date of your fundraiser gets closer, don’t be afraid to remind people about what you are doing.  Share the amount you have left and also the days remaining to donate.  Let them know that you need help to reach your goal.  People will easily commit to donating verbally, but it is an easy thing to forget or put off.  This isn’t because they don’t want to donate, they just might need a friendly reminder.  If they are passionate about helping you, they will be happy to hear from you about how the fundraising is going.

Personal emails and messages.

The best and most effective way to reach your fundraising goal is to send personal emails and messages to those that you know might be interested in what you are doing.  This will guarantee that your message will get to them and won’t be overlooked.  You can even use old fashioned mail as well.

Include a personal message when contacting them.  This way they know you are reaching out to them with a purpose and that they are an important part of you reaching your goal.  If you are copying and pasting a message they will know.  Adding a personal touch to a message will likely be more effective and have them feel just as passionate to help patients with IBD and cause as you.

Make sure you don’t make it too long, but that you include all links, milestones and other information you believe to be prevalent for your fundraising campaign.

Use of social media.

We have all seen different ways that people have used social media in order to fundraise for their cause.  It is a powerful tool that should be used.  There are many ways that you can use social media to easily reach your goal.

1) Use different sites such as Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and others to document how things are going and keep everyone up to date.

2) Create a Facebook page and invite your network to join in following you during your journey.  Post details about how things are going, what you are doing to train, and link them to your fundraising page.

3) Your friends, family and others around you want to know how your fundraising is going.  Start a blog using a site like WordPress.  Include pictures and other information in your post.  You can share longer posts there and then share the link on your Facebook page and other areas of social media.

4) Let your network know when someone makes a contribution.  Make a post on Facebook and other social media, thanking the latest person who helped you reach your goals.  Included the link to your fundraising page when thanking them for others to see.

Always remember to include your fundraising page when posting.  You don’t want to post to often, but once a week is a good start.

There are many other ways to reach your fundraising goals.  Below are a few other possibilities which can get your thermometer filled.

Bar nights and parties.

Everyone loves to be social and your friends will love to see you during your training or fundraising.  Hosting a bar night or party at local restaurant is a great way to fundraise.  Plus your friends and family will be getting something in return, which they will like.

Most local businesses love to help and there are different ways that they can help you.  Some like to have a set fee for their service and give you a portion of each participant, others like to give a percentage of checks that are created by fundraising at the event.  No matter which way you agree to do your event, it will easily help you reach your goal.

Remember that this is your event and you will have to promote it.  Creating an event page on social media will help.  Also send personal emails about your event, this way family and friends know about it and it hasn’t been overlooked.

When hosting an event, ask other local businesses to donate to a raffle.  This will be a quick and easy way to add to the amount your event will raise.  Those attending will love the chance to win something and they know the donation to the raffle is going to a good cause.   Many local business will easily donate a gift certificate, tickets to an event, golf lessons and more.

Set milestones and dedicate them.

As you continue to fundraise your friends and family will become more passionate about what you are doing.  Setting milestones and dedicating them to those that are helping you will make them feel even more apart of the cause.

Let them know if they donate a certain amount, that you will dedicate a mile of a half marathon to them or a section of a ride.   Knowing that as you are doing a ride, run or other event, that you will be thinking of them will make them feel like they are right there with you.

For more help, please don’t hesitate to email an IIF team member.  We are here to help you reach your goals.  Thank you for helping out the Intense Intestines Foundation and those with IBD/ostomies.