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Total IBD Health (Diet): Gluten Free Diet and IBD by Jeffrey Levine

  This is my first post for IIF. For anyone that doesn’t know me, my name is Jeffrey and I have Crohn’s Disease since the mid 1980’s. All my life I never thought about my disease and went on living life like nothing is happening to my body. About 3-4 years … Read More

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Intense Intestines Scholarship Update For The Fall 2015 Semester

We are excited to announce that the IIF is accepting applications for our 5th round of the Intense Intestines Scholarship. This scholarship is designed to help those with moderate to severe Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis achieve the higher education they desire.  Earning a degree is not an easy process and takes … Read More

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Six Months Post Op & January Training Review

It ‘s truly amazing how quickly time flies. Just six months ago that I went into surgery to undergo another major surgery to put Crohn’s disease behind me for a while. The surgery was August 5th. I can’t believe how different I feel already. For nearly four months following the surgery, … Read More

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