Total IBD Health (Activity & Exercise): Working Out and IBD by Brian Greenberg

I’m starting this blog post off with some great news: I FEEL BETTER THAN I HAVE IN YEARS!

brianIt’s been a long time since I felt this well and had this much energy. Every day I experience the almost foreign feeling of waking up without fear of pain. My world has changed completely; the good days outnumber the bad ones now by far.

I’ve spent the past few weeks trying to understand why and how I feel so good. I assume It’s a combination of my Humira working better and the low dosage of Prednisone I’ve been placed on. The Prednisone keeps inflammation down and lets the Humira work more effectively.

But, while the medicine has obviously helped, I think there’s something bigger happening here: My 70.3 for IBD training. It’s been a while since I had anything to train for. Having it gives me something to look forward to, benchmarks to surpass, and a goal to accomplish. Knowing I will complete a half Ironman for the IIF, I feel refreshed and renewed.

That’s not to say my alarm goes off and I pop right out of bed each morning. I still wake sore and achey. Sometimes I feel much older than I am. But I get up anyway, eat breakfast, get a protein shake ready, and head to the gym.

My training gives me time away from the distractions and clutter of everyday life. Even better, it’s a time when I forget about overthinking or focusing on joint pain. My mind zeroes in on training and getting better.

I feel great during and afterOnline fundraising for Brian's 70.3 Mile Journey With IBD my 60-90 minute sessions. I love that it gets my day jumpstarted. The morning joint pain disappears. Somehow, I feel more energetic the rest of the day! That, combined with healthy eating, and I feel great!

The surgery I had in August to remove my rectum and make my ostomy permanent was a tough time in my life for many reasons, but I made it through it on top. These days, I look back on the pain before I had it and I can’t believe I lived so long knowing each day would be a bad one!

My life has taken a 180 degree turn. I love the fact that I finally feel well and am capable of completing my life goal of a Half Ironman for the IBD community.

Follow along as I continue to track my progress! I’ll be posting my training experiences here regularly.


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