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Hello Everyone,
Online fundraising for The Mustache

My name is William Drakos. I am 27 years old and work as a paramedic in Bridgeport, CT. Every year during the month of November, many of the men I know grow mustaches under the auspices of raising awareness for men’s health, with November being national prostate cancer awareness month. This is a great cause and hits home for many men.  However, this year I have chosen a separate charity to raise money and awareness for the IIF.

I became involved with the IIF through my good friend and founder Brian Greenberg, whom is a “sufferer” of Crohn’s disease. So with that being said, I have pledged to grow my mustache and refuse to shave it off until I have raised my preset monetary goal of $2,500 to donate to the foundation. Please help me get back on my girlfriends good side by donating money to my cause and allowing me to shave off my mustache. I will be uploading weekly pictures to the IIF website so you can track my progress.

I will thank you all in advance for your support in my endeavor. My girlfriend, Meghan, thanks you even more.


William Drakos

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Willam Drakos has always been passionate about helping others.  Now he is helping the Intense Intestines Foundation by growing his mustache.  This will assist us in continuing our mission of helping those with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and ostomies.  Will’s generous heart is why he has volunteered as a fire fighter for years and now an ambulance paramedic.  He has seen first hand with patients and friends how horrible Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis can be, this is why he is doing what he can to help the Intense Intestines Foundation.

Will does have a lovely girlfriend who is supporting him with this fundraiser, but all of us at the IIF don’t want this to be the end of their relationship!  Please consider making a contribution for Will’s efforts and make the length of this fundraiser as short as possible.  We at the IIF (as well as Meghan) greatly thank all of those whose donations get Will to his goal.

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Will; Clean Shave

Will; Clean Shave

Will Week 1

Will Week 2

Week 3. Will needs your help!

Will Week 4!

Will Week 4!



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