The IIF’s Second Intense Intestines Scholarship Winner: Sarah Brocker

The IIF is happy to announce Sarah Brocker as the winner of our second Intense Intestines Scholarship.  Sarah is an amazing twenty year old woman, who has done everything she can to not let her Crohn’s disease keep her from earning her degree.

Sarah is currently on TPN therapy and bowel rest while she is taking classes at Hanover College.  This means she spends all day battling her Crohn’s disease while not eating anything.  Then at night hooks herself up to an IV to receive all of the nutrition her body needs directly into her bloodstream.

We believe that Sarah is an inspiring role model for other college students with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.  The IIF knows that she will set an incredible example for other young adults in the inflammatory bowel disease and ostomy communities.

Please visit Sarah’s blog My Not So Normal Life with Crohn’s Disease and Youtube page where she tells her story about battling Crohn’s disease.

Below is the video submission Sarah sent to the Intense Intestines Foundation to complete her application.  She discusses her life with Crohn’s disease, how she is determined to finish her degree and that she will Never Stay Quiet.

We are happy to have Sarah as part of the IIF family.  In order to help other young adults with IBD and/or ostomies we need your help.  Please consider a 100% tax deductible donation today.


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