IBD and Exercise (Core/Ostomy)

Exercising is beneficial for your body, its a proven fact.  Just a little bit of effort each day can reduce the symptoms of many condtions and having a stronger body allows you to feel better.

Working out with an IBD can be hard at times.  Considering the disease is located right in your core area and basically every exercise works your core in some way, it can make things difficult.  This leads to a major muscle group never getting a break.  But what happens if you have an ostomy?  It can be a much tougher battle to be able to do all the exercises you may want to do.

After ostomy surgery working out is tough.  Not only are you learning a new body, but quickly learning to adjust to a new routine from the one you may have been used too.  The process of learning what you can and can’t do takes time, especially to learn the best way to workout the core muscles.  This area is very important to any active individuals since it’s always in use.  People say that if you have an ostomy that you aren’t able to work out your core due to the fear of injuring your stoma, but you can, you just have to do it slowly and correctly for your body.

Here is how Brian started to use his core after his ostomy surgery:

The process started late last spring to start and try to engage my abs more, but I wasn’t sure I would be able to.  So I worked out with my old personal trainer, just to make sure things would be okay.  We went through a large amount of exercises, seeing which ones worked best.  Many of the old/traditional positions didn’t work for me.  The motions involved to much bending at the waist.

I found a way to workout my core and I want to share it with all of you.  It’s probably even great for those without an ostomy since there is less bending at the waist and has more motion with bringing your knees up.

Using Bosu balls and some machines which allow you to engage your core with a smaller amount of motion can help a patient still exercise their core.  The key is to find a workout routine were there isn’t a large amount of motion with the shoulders crunching down to the waist like a traditional sit up.  

Be creative, walk around the gym and find ways were you’re using a motion that brings your knees up to your chest more and you may find it easier on your ostomy.  Ever gym has equipment that will allow you to work your core, even with an ostomy.  Another great idea is to hire a professional trainer to help you.  Explain your situation and let them tailor a workout for your body.

In time you’ll gain strength in your core again and more activities/motions will possible with your ostomy.  Many people are nervous at first and stay away from riding a bike, rowing and other exercises, you’ll gain back a very large range of motion and there aren’t many activities that an patient with an ostomy can’t perform.

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