Team McCready’s Global Event Which Benefits A Great Cause

At the end of this month on March 24th, is an exciting global event being held in many major cities by Team McCready.  This event benefits other nonprofits in their missions.

Team McCready is a division of the Wishlist Foundation, a Pearl Jam fan
non-profit organization. Team McCready is specifically dedicated to supporting the philanthropic goals and celebrating the achievements of Pearl Jam lead guitarist, Mike McCready.

Mike McCready is a Crohn’s sufferer and is now leading many efforts in IBD awareness. He has ran in Team Challenge 1/2 marathons including the one I ran in Napa last summer.  As a leader in the IBD awareness movement he has used his celebrity to make sure people know about the difficulties those with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis deal with on a daily basis.

This global event is close to me because my good friend Jennifer Jaff and her nonprofit, Advocacy for Patients with Chronic Illnesses is a beneficiary of this event.  If you aren’t familiar with what they do, Advocacy for Patients gives those in need of legal assistance to fight the large health insurance corporations.  For more on Advocacy for Patients please visit their website at

For more information on this global event you can visit  If you live by any of these cities I urge you on the 24th of March to participate and help this great cause.  I’ll be attending the New York event to show my support.  If you live in the area, please stop by and it would be great to meet you.

Never Stay Quiet

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