Great News For The Intense Intestines Foundation

The last few weeks have been very exciting for me and the Intense Intestines Foundation.  Some of the progress that we’re making is remarkable considering what this project was just a few months ago.  Now the small snowball that was moving down the hill slowly, has turned into a minor avalanche.

One of the exciting opportunities that has come to the I.I.F. is partnering up with the United Ostomy Association of America.  After sending a short email to the U.O.A.A. I received a call from David Rudzin, the president of the organization with the good news that they liked our mission at the I.I.F. and they wanted to help us out anyway possible.  It’s a big step and we are excited to be working with the U.O.A.A. on future projects.

Later in the week I spoke Bob Baker who is a director at the U.O.A.A. as well.  Luckily for me he lives in Connecticut, not that far from me.  Mr. Baker was equally as excited about what the I.I.F. is doing and wanted to take an active local approach.  Soon the I.I.F. will be planning bike trips with Mr. Baker who rode across the county last year with his ostomy.  His story is incredible and I’m looking forward to meeting him soon.

The I.I.F. is also partnering up with Norwalk Hospital to help as many patients in the area with their ostomies.  Norwalk Hospital has a great wound care center which is expanding to be the leading facility for those with ostomies.  I’ve been asked to be the President of the support group and I’m glad to take this position.  Its going to be a great honor to help as many ostomy patients as possible in the local area.

Lastly, we launched the new version of Intense Intestines Social yesterday.  Already people are loving the new site which is much easier to use and much friendlier on the eyes.  Its exciting to have the ability to bring so many people together and allow an IBD community to grow.  If you haven’t seen the new site or become a member visit  The site is basically like Facebook for those with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.  Its already helped many people and might be able to help you as well.  Here is what one member said already:


I’m sure that’s enough good news for now.  We’ll be posting more exciting opportunities that the I.I.F. will be taking part in soon.  The Intense Intestines Foundation continues to make progress in helping those with IBD’s and ostomies.

Never Stay Quiet!

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