A Vaccine for Crohn’s Disease?

In the daily research we do here at the Intense Intestines Foundation we find all kinds of interesting articles on the topic of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.  Recently there have been many articles that have been published on the mapping of genes that will lead to a cure for these diseases.  Scientists are getting closer but today we stumbled across this interesting article on a vaccine for Crohn’s Disease.  It was a shock to see and caught us off guard.

Here is the article to the article on the findings.


This is the first time I’ve ever seen this and I have to say it got me very excited for so many reasons.  The progress that is being made is getting us closer and closer to actually having a way to stop IBD.

The first thought that came to mind is if the vaccine can help those who already have these diseases and if it can still help their inflammation.  The article doesn’t go into those details and says that more research has to be done.  They do talk about how the mice who received the vaccine showed much less inflammation then those who didn’t get the vaccine.

My next thought and what got me even more excited, was what this meant to the future for those that want to have kids, but suffer from these conditions.  The numbers are low and for instance as a Crohn’s patient if I had a kid with a non Crohn’s patient, there would only be a 7-9% chance of them getting the disease.  This isn’t a very high number by any means.

We all know that IBD can and is usually caused by genetics.  Their are other possible causes, but by the time I want to start to have a family, this might be right around the corner for my child to receive.  Possibly limiting their chances of getting either of the diseases.

This article made my day, due to all the possibilities it actually can mean down the road.  The way we’ll be treating Crohn’s and colitis are going to be very different in 5-10 years.

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