2012 IBD New Years Resolutions

Once again we’re ready to start a new calendar year.  As we end 2011 and start 2012 we usually reflect on the past year and try to see what we can do differently in the next year.  I’ve never been into New Years celebrations, it seems like just another day on the calendar.  Every year I do make some resolutions, just to have a plan for the calendar year at least.  This year is no exception and I have a few for 2012 that have to do with my Crohn’s disease and ostomy.

First and possibly the most important is to not have any surgeries.  I know this isn’t exactly in my control, but I’ve been feeling great for about 4 months now and hoping it continues into the new year.  Something just seems to finally be clicking and my body seems to be accepting the ileostomy.  It might be because I’ve finally become 100% mentally okay with it, but everything just feels great.  So if I can avoid surgery of any kind, minor or major it would be a good year.

The second resolution is to get into the best shape that I can with my ostomy.  Yes I know it’s a cliche resolution, but I finally feel comfortable with my body and that I can do more of what I want.  Recently I even found a way to work out abs/core which is not only comfortable but really engages the muscles (Not the easiest thing to do with an ostomy).  Since my surgery I haven’t even been able to get into a true rhythm at the gym and reach my goals.  It looks like in 2012, that will be able to happen and I’m going to make sure I have to time to exercise, climb, ski, and do everything else I want to do.

Lastly is to not let my ostomy disturb my life.  I knew that 2011 was going to be an adjustment year, but now it’s 2012 and it looks like everything is going to fall into place.  At times this past year I let it determine many of the decisions I made.  It frightened me sometimes and surely kept me from making decisions the way I might have before the surgery.  I would even say that I gave into it to much, when I should have been more confident to realize it didn’t affect my life.  Now going forward I know that life is going to be good with my ostomy and I gained a lot of knowledge from 2011 that I plan on using for 2012 and beyond.

I just can’t want to see where life is going to take me and see what happens next.  Happy New Years everyone!

Never Stay Quiet!

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